The main objective of Turista Riba Mi Isla – Kids Camp is to develop a broad, correct and consistent knowledge of Aruba and prepare the youngsters to recognize the important of Tourist Industry for Aruba and give and excellent service to our guests.

With this kids camp ‘Turista Riba Mi Isla” we want to make our youth more interested in the tourist industry, since they are our future. The camp is designed for the ages 9 – 11 years. Our program is specially designed for the participants, since it has the elements of the regular A.C.P., but in a more practical, dynamical and interactive way, which includes the knowledge of Aruba and excellent service.

Duration of camp: 5 whole days, Monday to Friday from 7:45 – 16:30
Language: Papiamento
Requirements for participating: Participants need to be between 9 – 11 years
Content: By visiting and experiencing different places like tourist do (taking tours and excursions), they will learn more about Aruba and the importance of tourism on the island. By having a guided tour at the back of the house that are off limits to the guests, the participants will have an idea how the tourist is taking care of, without they as tourists not even noticing it.
Price: AWG. 100,- per participant

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