The main objective of ACP is to give wide, consistent and accurate information on the tourism destination product, improving the overall destination experience for visitors and to rekindle the pride and unity of the Aruban community through the awareness and education of the Aruban brand identity and brand promise resulting in One Happy Island.


Service excellence focuses on our norms and values that characterizes our local service, the authentic service that our people provide in our tourism industry. We call this, “service with Zjeito”. In this session we will focus how we can maintain the aspect of one happy island.


The module of The Storytelling Program is to introduce the participant with the concept of Storytelling. The introduction is made with the short film presented as excellent storytelling. The module will follow with explaining the Power of Storytelling in making a lasting connection with the guests and the benefits for businesses with storytelling. The first module is to provide the participants a better understanding of who the guests are and how to develop a story.


This module book supports the management program of our service excellence module. While we teach your staff what the importance of service excellence is to your guest, to yourself, to your organization, to the tourism sector and to Aruba, we would like you to learn about leadership in developing service excellence and hospitality. As creator of the work environment of your staff you are the most influential person to develop the right atmosphere and circumstances for them to perform on the highest possible level.


The main objective of Turista Riba Mi Isla – Kids Camp is to develop a broad, correct and consistent knowledge of Aruba and prepare the youngsters to recognize the important of Tourist Industry for Aruba and give and excellent service to our guests.

With this kids camp ‘Turista Riba Mi Isla” we want to make our youth more interested in the tourist industry, since they are our future. The camp is designed for the ages 9 – 12 years. Our program is specially designed for the participants, since it has the elements of the regular A.C.P., but in a more practical, dynamical and interactive way, which includes the knowledge of Aruba and excellent service.

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