Service excellence focuses on our norms and values that characterizes our local service, the authentic service that our people provide in our tourism industry. We call this, “service with Zjeito”. In this session we will focus how we can maintain the aspect of one happy island.

Service Excellence Training

Day 1
Annalise our brand promise ‘One Happy Island’
Why we present ourselves as ‘One Happy Island’ and how does the visitor experience it?
Sense of Hospitality as a Service Provider
What is Service Excellence?
Service Excellence Pyramid
Zjeito Values
Self-assessment of core competences of Service Excellence

Day 2
Service Excellence Pyramid
Excellent Communication
Importance of Firs Impression
How to manage emotions
Complain handling
Special up-selling techniques

Duration of the training: 2 sessions, 3 hours each
Language: Papiamento or English
Requirements for participating: Participants must be A.C.P. Certified
Content: How does Aruba brand itself, How can we maintain the aspect of One Happy Island, What is, – Service Excellence, – Excellence Communication, – Excellence attitude.
Price: AWG. 150,- per person

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