This module book supports the management program of our service excellence module. While we teach your staff what the importance of service excellence is to your guest, to yourself, to your organization, to the tourism sector and to Aruba, we would like you to learn about leadership in developing service excellence and hospitality. As creator of the work environment of your staff you are the most influential person to develop the right atmosphere and circumstances for them to perform on the highest possible level.

Duration of the training: 4 sessions, 3 hours each
Language: English
Requirements for participating: Participants need to be in a manager or similar position that manages a team.
Content: There are four topics that will be discussed during the training. Each week, one topic will be discussed to give every manager the opportunity to implement and practice what has been brought forward.

The topics are:
1) Leading by example
2) Inspire
3) Coaching on the job
4) Enable Management

Introduction price:
AWG 295,- per person

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