Aruba Certification Program is an accredited certification program that’s been designed with the objective to provide correct and concise information about Aruba’s history, characteristics, and service. This program was developed with flexible learning platforms making it easily accessible to all those who are interested to certify. Our highly knowledgeable instructors teach unique content including the incorporation of our 9 Zjeito values which together form the guiding principle of the certification program. The innovation and digitalization of the program is the first of its kind in Aruba! You can easily certify yourself through our online program or face to face sessions. All those who certify get a certificate which is valid for 4 years, a pin, and an eBook.

The A.C.P. consists of the following modules:

1. Aruba’s Nature and its people.

In the first module we will unveil the secret to Aruba’s happiness and explain the zjeito-concept with the nine values which are rooted in our history. Our history defines who we are as a society today. To comprehend ‘zjeito’, one has to understand the development of the island and the different influences it underwent. The way we live, see and experience our everyday reality is rooted in our past. To maintain this root, it is important to know our history in order for our ‘zjeito’ to continue to flourish in an authentic way.

2. Aruba’s History and Culture

In the second module we will focus on the history of Paardenbaai / Oranjestad and San Nicolas and when and why they became important cities.

3. Aruba and tourism

In this module we will focus on the history of tourism in Aruba, starting in the 1930’s, with the first “hotel” and the arrival of the first commercial airplane. We will also share how the idea for developing the Palm Beach area for hotel development came about and the introduction of Time Share Hotel in the late 1970’s.

4. Service excellence – The guest

In this module we will focus on providing excellent service to your guest, by focusing on the guest journey and considering the guests perspective.

5. Service excellence – The guest and me

In this module we focus on what impact YOU, the service provider, have on the guest experience.
After concluding all 6 sessions, the participant must pass an exam and have a minimum score of 80% to obtain the certificate and become ‘Aruba Certified’. The participant must finalize the program within 6 weeks to avoid account closure and start registration all over again. The certificate has a validity of 4 years.

Aruba Certification Program

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