Aruba Excellence Foundation

Aruba Excellence Foundation (A.E.F.) was established in in June of 2018, by the Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) with the objective to develop and implement value-added programs that will enhance the quality of service within the hospitality industry in Aruba. The A.E.F. was entrusted by A.T.A. to implement and manage the Aruba Certification Program (A.C.P.) and Happy Information Officers Program (H.I.O.) In order to do this, the A.E.F. is responsible to develop strategic plans for the coming years. Through the Board, the A.E.F. is responsible to report on progress to A.T.A.



Aruba Excellence Foundation prides itself on being a Zjeito-driven organization. We believe that providing service from these nine Zjeito values will add value to our partners.


To contribute towards the provision of more value and the enhancement of the visitors’ and partners experience.


Develop and implement A.C.P. and H.I.O. programs
Advocate for Service Excellence within primarily the hospitality industry
Expectation management with regards to destination product
Service excellence authority


To be the strategic partner in developing and implementing value-added programs, to enhance the awareness of the tourism destination product and the quality of service within primarily the hospitality industry on Aruba.


Stimulate and deliver high quality training’s as to upkeep and enhance Aruba’s excellent service standards through participating parties, with focus on the tourism sector, as well as offering consistent and correct information to the local population and visitors of Aruba.

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